Happy 2015!!

A Quiet Fall – A Very Positive New Year for All!

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were festive!

What’s going on with Mazacoin? I’ve heard many of you ask that in the last several weeks, while this page has been so very quiet. Various mazacoin projects have pushed forward in the last month, and the market has definitely taken notice!

Truly, mazacoin is maturing. We see more and more commercial support for mazacoin every day. I’ve been talking with Payu every few days, as he spends more time on the rez in Pine Ridge, and we’re seeing more support and interest from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and more tribes that are basically waiting to see what the OST does with and around mazacoin.

Payu has demonstrated to the OST, and on youtube, methods for governmental record storage using blockchain technology, and is talking to the OST about how mazacoin can be used to truly grow and expand the economic opportunities for tribe members by making tribal lands a safe haven for cryptocurrency development, startups, and services. In my own opinion, there’s nothing better the tribes could do today than to encourage financial services businesses to move to the reservations, and train & employ local residents.

We’re seeing mazacoin being added to most every new exchange, and maintaining volume levels that put it in the top 25 or so coins on Cryptsy in BTC volume. We’ve seen the mazacoin blockchain hashpower nearly triple over the last month, and the pool operators I’ve talked to, like our very own Owlhooter of CryptoADHD.com are reporting that their networks are seeing easily doubled hashrates. New pools are coming online, new faucets are popping up, and social media buzz around mazacoin is increasing quite a bit.

On that note: Tomi has an initiative running right now to crowdfund production of commemorative Mazacoin Silver Rounds! He and Sarah have been working an active social media campaign to spread the word about the indiegogo project – and word is spreading fast! Don’t wait ’til the last minute! Network effect will sweep these away, I think. These rounds look like they’ll be beautiful 1/4oz rounds. Check out the IndieGogo Campaign!

My own team, mazaclub, has been working very hard this past month, rolling out new network services, improving our mazachain blockexplorer, and more. We have a new mazacoin market monitor for you with mazacoin resources, links and news up on our a< href="https://maza.club">home page We’ve released new wallet software today, and have more ready to deliver later this week. We have a fresh port of electrum for you  - “Tate” – released just this morning. Tate is a lightweight deterministic mazacoin wallet, complete with multisig capability. We’ll release our new multicoin wallet, Encompass, a modular port of Electrum later this week. Encompass makes use of mazaclub’s new ChainKey modules to integrate multiple currencies, with a single seed to generate address/key pairs for all supported currencies. Initially Encompass will support MZC, LTC, and BTC, but can support any coin with a proper ChainKey module for that coin.

Perhaps the clearest sign of maturing development in the mazacoin ecosystem, we have word from Payu that he’s anticipating delivery of the first Mazacoin ATM, built by CoinOutlet, to the Pine Ridge Reservation in the next few weeks! Can’t wait to see these in operation!

As always, no matter how positive the news, mazacoin needs you to grow and thrive! The dev team always needs coders, documenters, testers. The social media team needs your help too! Join us on Twitter and Reddit and help make mazacoin an economic force for the future!

Mazacoin Report, November 11, 2014

Just a quick update for you this time!

News is a little infrequent. The slow market has slowed the news cycles everywhere we’re looking. We do know that a few core teams are hunkered down in front of their terminals busily getting new products and services ready for you; but alas, most of these projects are being a little stealthy right now. Core development work is progressing slower than we’d like, though in the interim, we do know that the newest alpha mazacoind-new has been in production on a few networks for a couple weeks.

There are several testnet nodes, and p2pool-testnet nodes for you to get your game on and come up with some new way to use mazacoin!

If you would like to see more and faster developments, jump in! Stop by our IRC channel and tell us if you’d like to help out. You can also use our subreddit, though we’re (almost) always plugged in to IRC. Links to these places are on the Community page.

If you prefer, you can always see a need, and fill it – check in with us at github, make an issue, or put in a pull request to close an issue :) – or make an issue that we need more docs, and write those docs!! :)

Mazacoin Report Oct 31, 2014

It’s been a little longer than expected in between reports, but we have some important developments!

  • Testnet – Testnet for mazacoin-new is 100% operational. We now have a current block height of 24375 as I write. It’s not known at this time how many nodes are operational, but we know of at least 5 permanently installed nodes, and see additional nodes beginning to appear.
  • Testnet BlockExplorer: mazaclub has updated their mazachain blockexplorer site to include testnet. The new testnet blockexplorer is available at Mazacoin’s Github Library
  • Docker Images: While these aren’t official images, mazaclub has informed us that they’ve made their docker image suite available on mazaclub’s Github Library and mazaclub docker hub automated-builds These images build mazacoind and p2pool from official sources and provide ready-to-run mazacoind and p2pool-maza nodes, capable of running on current testnet.
  • Trading: Comkort exchange has informed us that they’ll be opening Fiat trading as of November 4th!! While we don’t know any specifics, Comkort took the time to inform us directly via email & twitter of the upcoming announcement. We’re as eager as you are to find out the details of their Fiat support, fiat transactions in and out of the exchange (if any), and actual trading pairs to be announced. Check back here on the 4th for the updated news!!!
  • Oglala Sioux Tribal Council elections are coming this week. According to Payu, expected favorites for many positions, including President, are much more favorable to mazacoin than the current President. We hope that this will bring new opportunity to develop new mazacoin related businesses to the communities of Pine Ridge.
  • Various mazacoin businesses have informed us that they’ll be releasing new products and services soon. While we can’t release any specifics, we’ve been informed of mazacoin casinos, ATM-style mazacoin machines, new wallet software and more. We’ll be sure to tell you of big developments here!

As always, mazacoin needs your help to grow!. We need people with:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • python
  • Graphic Design
  • Technical Writing (Documentation)
  • bitcoin wizardry
  • communications skills!!
  • and more, technical and non-technical

As we note the recent discussion of Blockstream’s Sidechains paper, we’d like to remind you that we have been discussing the future of mazacoin and it’s role as a solid backbone for smaller sidechains, with purposes from records storage to digital assets, as well as how the mazacoin network can benefit from, and give back to it’s own parent, bitcoin.

Remember, you don’t need permission, or to submit an application, to get involved. Come join us in IRC in #mazacoin and #mazacoin-dev on freenode. Get involved technically by forking the reference code, and making changes in a new branch and submitting those via Pull request on Github. Your changes proposed will undergo build testing and peer review by major contributors.

Mine mazacoin! Put that old, unprofitable bitcoin rig to work today mining mazacoin. We’ve got a while to go before the block subsidy halving, and plenty of time for your time mine at low enough difficulties to get more life out of that old gear. Ask on IRC about ready to run mining docker images!

Get involved non technically by bringing mazacoin to your social media networks, and to your friends. Accept mazacoin on your website! Invite contributors to speak, write, or appear on your altcoin show! Submit an article for this site!

We’ll be back in a few days with more news!