MAZA Sites & Services are being updated, upgraded, distributed, and decentralized.

MAZA network blockchain operations are normal while we update sites like this one, mazachain and other services

MAZA Network Source Code

Download .zip Download .tar.gz v0.9-Satoshi v0.9.99.0

MAZA Network GUI Full Node Wallets via IPFS

Windows OSX Linux

MAZA Wallet IPFS hashes:

  • OSX QmWNTr3nFKf5RauDCFDSsgmJ1Lr9KA5oqtw37418Rpo8zH
  • Linux QmS8s9ipE9Qjavx7dg3TTGhTL7DgABmwiL45wMFicrqw2j
  • Windows QmPgC6jv8J2zDYsFHnnwrupw9obgHxZJMunX4Nmq4n23AH
  • The preferred method of downloading MAZA software is directly via IPFS
    Learn more at

    MAZA Network Services - Websites, Explorers, p2pool

    This Website! MAZAchain P2Pool-MAZA

    All downloads from MAZA Development are becoming available via IPFS as the primary distribution method. IPFS HTTPS Gateways will be provided through this site, as well as our MAZAchain sites Final releases will have sha/md5 hashes posted, and IPFS hashes for all distributed software will be available via several different methods.

    To Download MAZA software, use the above gateways - MAZA-provided gateways are coming soon.
    OR, better still: Support MAZA, and IPFS - Run your own IPFS node, and pin MAZA's files!


    MAZA is originally derived from Bitcoin to provide a sovereign currency for the Oglala Sioux Tribe and others - today, the vision for MAZA is expanding. Watch this space, our IRC, Slack, Twitter.

    Wallet downloads are now provided via IPFS - IPFS hashes are published here, and will be available on other MAZA sites - MAZAclub MAZAchain

    Please bear with us while we retool, and reconfigure our sites, and services. Work on MAZAchain Blockexplorer, this site, and others will include further distrubution and decentralization of sitesand services.

    Authors and Contributors

    Of course, work on sites and services has no effect on the MAZA Blockchain (MAZAchain) - at all times the MAZAchain continues to produce new blocks approximately every 2 minutes. With variances in the network consensus protocol, blocks may take significantly longer, or shorter intervals, sometimes more than 1 hour.

    If you would like to participate in developing our sites and systems for MAZA, join us on freenode IRC - #maza and #maza-dev and - join us on github!

    MAZA Network Source Code is publicly maintained, currently on Github. You can help by contributing via Pull Request. For questions contact: @owlhooter @guruvan @kefkius @sensorii

    This website is also publicly maintained, on Github, through Pull Requests. For questions contact: @BananaLotus @Sterling2p @guruvan

    Support or Contact

    Please join us in #maza on Freenode IRC for help, support, or to see how you can help develop MAZA. Website contributions are always welcome see CONTIRBUTORS this the website repo